What the Heck just Happened?

Captain XO knows everyones' head is reeling from last night's op.  Let's break it down Barney style.

The Bold Air Hussars and the breachers executed a loud and obnoxious raid on the British Museum.  They stole a cursed mummy and hoisted it aboard the Renegade.  While first responders were swarming over to the Museum, the Glider Zouaves and some of our HUMINTers then took the cursed mummy to Albion Air Fleet Headquarters, where they broke in and hid it.  Along with this action, a couple of our IT specialists cracked into Albion Air Fleet computer network--MUCH easier from inside the building--and downloaded the schematics to the HMS Claymore for analysis by our engineers and technical intelligence specialists.

Plans within plans within plans.  That's how Captain XO operates.

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