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Weekend Safety Brief

Crew!  Brave Air Pirates!

Crew, it's been a long Halloween trip, several parties in a row, culminating in Halloween night in Romania.

Then we robbed a casino.

So it's been a hectic few weeks.  We need a break.  So everyone is on liberty until Tuesday, when we begin a training/refit series before we travel to the Grand Duchy of Warsaw for contract.

But before we break, a few words:

Captain XO loves each and every one of you.  That means each and every one of you needs to survive until Tuesday.  No dueling.  No brawling.  No catching the clap.  No drinking absinthe until the green fairies cart you off and leave you naked in a ring of standing stones.  No practicing your fast draw with your buddies.  If you go to town, do not get in a fight with the locals.  If you do, you had best win.

Legal know the drill.  One on standby with bail money.  Set up a rotation amongst yourselves.

Chief, anything to add?

To caveat of the Sir, it would behoof you to listen to the Captain.  He's been doing this for a while and gets it.  NCO call immediately after this formation.

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