US Thanksgiving on the Renegade

Crew! Does not Captain XO love each and everyone of you?  Even the ones who are fascinated with eating the interns (for the love of Odin-Jesus, WHY?)

Right now, the Ground Crew is loading up the Kommandant's Zeppelin (remember?  We seized in a vicious boarding action) at Wick.  They will rendezvous with us over the plains of the Grand Duchy, where we will extend the air gangplanks so that they may join us for a Thanksgiving meal.  We'll have to eat in shifts, as we are still on patrol duties.

After our meal, the Ground Crew will return to Wick.  They are under strict orders to put up no Christmas/Yule decorations until AFTER the 1st.

We are on station through 1 December.

Tomorrow, we will raise a glass of wine together and toast our good fortune, our good comrades, and our good ship, the Airship Renegade.

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