• Renegade Airship

Trip to the United States

The Captain is glad that everyone seems to be having a good time here on our trip to the States.

Negotiations with Lloyds of London, as well as several other yacht insurers are going well.  We can confidently say that this will be a very profitable trip.

Plus we got to see the hurricane from the Renegade as well as build up our list of good deeds with some rescue operations.  That being said,the Captain would like the Marines we rescued from Camp Lejeune off the Renegade as soon as possible.  The Plunder and Lightning is OFF LIMITS to them.

We still have some other things to do here in the States, including playing Bumper Blimps with those Goodyear losers.

Well done all.

Captain will be holding a roll call soon so we can get our crew list sorted.

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