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Trip to the Mysterious Far East!

Captain's complements to the Crew of the Airship Renegade!

As the crew is well aware, the Capo of Capos has put the good Captain on all vegetarian diet for the month of February.  As a result, the Captain wants to take a trip east to discover new vegetarian fare, torment some Muscovites, do some sightseeing, and see if the Red Emperor has any work...or anything worth stealing.  We'll also transit through the free city of Shanghai.  Captain XO has always wanted to do that.

In preparation for our trip...

Get the parasite fighters maintained and armed.  Check the gyrocopters to make sure they are prepped for assault landings.

Armory, find something extra nice for the Muscovites.  Something really scary and explody.

Crew, make sure you pack your dress uniforms--that includes the new capes. You never know when we might be invited to a nice reception.

Gunners, make sure you get an extra load of bacon, because on 1 March Captain XO is really, really going to want some bacon.

Prepare to UP AIRSHIP!

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Renegade Airship
Renegade Airship
Oct 02, 2019

Unknown | February 8, 2019 at 1:51 PM

Ooh, Captain, bacon eggrolls???

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