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Situation in Luxembourg


As the crew is well aware, we're serving a short term air security contract for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  The Grand Duke is hosting some variety of diplomatic conference, the nature of which we are not privy to (HUMINT, get me some info).

We've been on station about a week now.  It's been quiet, and we've been able to rotate crew members down to the city for shore leave.

Looks like the vacation is over.

Late yesterday, Belgian defense comms went crazy with chatter; something about drones that weren't drones.  This morning, our early warning radars starting showing returns that didn't make sense.  I made the decision to launch parasite fighters; two on CAP, two on recon.

The fighters on recon have transmitted back both video and their eyewitness impressions of what is headed our way.

Some sort of organic small drone--malleable and shapechanging.  Oily black masses of something like winged protoplasm.  They seem to be networked and working as one.  We don't now if they are cooperating based on the organic drones' assigned mission, or if they report back to a central controlling authority.

Regardless, we can assume that they do not mean us--or those we have taken money from to protect--well.

All hands to action stations.

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