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Safe, Stylish Transport with Airship Reliant

Attention Elites!

In these troubled times, are you concerned for your personal safety? Do you lack a safe and reliable means of transportation to your island bolthole or megayacht? Concerned that even travel via your private jet will still unnecessarily expose you to COVID-19 or angry protestors?


The Airship Reliant will provide you door to door service. Our bonded and licensed state of the art Airship can pick you up at your estate or penthouse, and safely deliver you to your destination.

Comfort and Style

Aboard the Airship Reliant, you’ll travel in 5-star accommodations and eat meals prepared by the finest chefs. Our onboard concierge will ensure that you are treated in the manner in which you deserve. Your status as an elite guarantees it.


The Captain of the Airship Reliant guarantees that your trip will be uninterrupted, despite world conditions. He and his crew of experienced, battle-hardened airlors (like sailors, just in the air) can ensure that no outside forces, situations, or anyone you may have disgruntled along the way. Our Tiered Security Packages will give you the peace of mind that your wealth deserves.

Send a wire to RELIANT to secure your spot today! Tomorrow it may be too late.

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