• Renegade Airship

Ruritania AAR

So, on occasion, Captain XO lets his love of adventure and swashbuckling lead him to accept missions which may be slightly beyond the Renegade's capabilities.

This was one such case.

Mission Profile: we had accepted a contract to exfiltrate a gentleman who had been involved in a potentially devastating political scandal in Ruritania, a small kingdom bordering both Germany and the Grand Duchy of Warsaw.  The gentleman was holed up in a very fancy hunting lodge in the countryside.  Our mission was to fly in, pick him up, fly out.  No muss, no fuss.

Well, Captain XO accepted the contract, but he failed the Renegade and its crew by not assembling senior staff to discuss whether we should take this on.  The Renegade was designed to be an area domination platform--a floating Anti-access/Area denial platform.  Stealth was not a mission for which the Renegade was designed.  Thankfully, after the Captain' blunder, the PAO was able to come up with a messaging plan to cast the Renegade's visit to Ruritania as a goodwill gesture by air pirates.

We need to develop a stealth capability--some type of low profile insertion and recovery method.

Captain XO is humble and open to suggestions from the crew, both air and ground.

(Captain XO Admin Note: Yes, I shamelessly stole this from The Prisoner of Zenda.  I love the 1950s Stewart Granger version.  Book is damned good, too.)

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