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Resume, no specified position

Captain XO: We received this resume--no cover letter, so we're forwarding it for your consideration against available openings.  Perhaps that ground crew turret repair position?  I mean anyone who makes a gauss cannon out of spare parts has got to be willing to learn to turn a bolt on a Tesla cannon, right? Thanks, HR


Ground Team Co-Leader/Split Team Leader B, RES-Ingress, Boston MA, “Operation Cassandra Prime”, August 28th, 2018. This position required me to assist in coordinating a group of ten agents, to frequently lead 3-5 of them in a separate attack on enemy ENL-Ingress targets, and to liase with our team’s assigned overwatch.

Intel/Planning/Dispatch, United Chicagoland RES-Ingress, Evanston IL, July 2017 to present. This position requires me to keep a sharp eye on ENL-Ingress activity in my area, and to plan and coordinate counterstrikes in the Chicagoland North Shore sector.

Military History Nerd, 2013 to present. I am an amateur student of military history, with particular focus on battles/campaigns where the victorious force outsmarted or outmaneuvered their enemy. I am also an avid reader of “alternate history” military fiction, giving me a strong grasp of “what-if” scenarios that help me to plan for unexpected developments.

Amateur Gauss Cannon Engineer, 2007. I was firmly disciplined by my parents for building a jury-rigged gauss rail from magnets, duct tape, and a yardstick, when the test round went both long and wide and narrowly missed the kitchen window. I remain firmly of the opinion that an improved design would have granted me more accuracy, and the anemic muzzle velocity likely posed no serious threat to the pane in question, but my tools and materials were nonetheless confiscated by said authorities.


Tom Rodgers, my mentor and frequent CO in United Chicagoland RES-Ingress. 

The Half Price Books in Highland Park, which probably remembers me as the guy with curly hair and glasses, who always buys giant stacks of military history and military fiction. 

My brother, who probably remembers the gauss rail incident.

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