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Relief Visit to Reykjavik


I know that this entire week was set aside for Halloween activities, but the good people of Reykjavik need our help.  A port call by the US Navy drained the town dry of beer.  I have ordered that palletized beer kegs from local German breweries are to be loaded immediately onto both the Renegade and the Kommandant's Zeppelin.  I want these rigged for airdrop.  Each pallet will be marked with the Ship's Logo, 'Courtesy of the Airship Renegade', and the user names of our social media accounts.  Marking and rigging to be done enroute, all hands not directly involved in flight activities turn to to assist.

Plan: We will fly at flank speed to Reykjavik.  We will airdrop the pallets in parks and fields of Reykjavik.  Comms, we need you to broadcast to Icelandic government that assistance is on its way, and that we are on a mission of mercy.  PAO, develop some themes.

We're going to get some headwinds on the way to Iceland, but those same headwinds will be tailwinds on our way back to central Europe. Nav assures me that we can make it back to Romania with time to spare.

After our Halloween trips, we will return to Reykjavik for an extended visit.  AS HEROS.

Turn to!  We up ship in 30 minutes.


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