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Raid! On! Muscovy!

Crew!  Your beloved Captain, the cunning and capable Captain XO has rested from his recent non-airship journey.  In that time, he has been developing a cunning plan.  It is in fact, more cunning than a fox who used to be a Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.

There are multiple lines of effort, so pay attention.

Situation: The Muscovite Empire has recently won a 'war' with a breakaway Belarussian province.  After stomping the guts out of this nascent border March, the Tsar Premier decided to have a May Day style parade, culminating in an arms expo--show of the gear and then sell a bunch of it.

We have also developed excellent intelligence that the pieces of the original Amber Room have been discovered and are currently in an armored train, headed to an Oligarch's compound in eastern Muscovy for installation.

Mission: Airship Renegade attacks Muscovy parade to inflict maximum destruction on Muscovy units involved in the parade in order to humiliate the Tsar Premier, damage his warfighting capability, and impact Muscovy's ability to generate hard currency via arm sales.  Simultaneously, the Kommandant's Airship, with its newly installed Tesla turrets, will attack the armored train, seize the Amber Room IOT generate airship revenue.


Commander's Intent: Dead Muscovites, a Tsar Premier shaking an angry fist at the sky, and the Amber Room in the hold.

a. Renegade. Phase 1: Infiltrate Vespa Dragoons and Bold Air Hussars in by ground movement.  Attack and seize Muscovite air defense sites along the Renegade's route of movement IVO Moscow.  Mortars will support by fire.  Captain XO's Own Sappers and Miners will conduct route reconnaissance and identify and prepare countermobility obstacle locations to channelize and delay the parade. Phase 2: Airship Renegade flys along the route and blows up all military targets in the parade. Phase 3: ??? Phase 4: PROFIT Phase 5: Collect dismounts, go home to Wick

b. Kommandant's Zeppelin: Phase 1: Disable train. Phase 2: Insert Glider Zouaves. Phase 3: Assault train and recover Amber Room pieces Phase 4: Recover Zoauves Phase 5: Home to Wick.

Service and Support

Does anyone actually read this paragraph?  If so, make sure the Plunder and Lightning is well stocked with booze.

Command and Signal

Captain XO calls the shots.  Use standard comms channels.

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