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Raid Briefing

Please hold your questions for the end.

Our target for tomorrow is the Abiba, a superyacht owned by an extremely wealthy currency trader.  We have reliable intelligence that this is a 'business/pleasure cruise;' he is hosting buyers for bearer bonds--sources conflict on the exact amount, but we can expect a range between  $50 to $100 million, US.  There are at least 15 armed guards, primarily ex-SOF normally assigned to the yacht, and we can expect at least 10 additional bodyguards.  We can plan that the ex-SOF bubbas will have access to automatic weapons, sidearms, and flashbangs.  The bodyguards will primarily have handguns and perhaps subguns.

The Abiba is a on a Med cruise and is expected to pull into Monaco in two days.  One of our HUMINT sources planted a beacon on board, so we have a precise fix on its location.  We will hit it 0200, Monday morning.  Standard yacht raid protocol.

Approach from the rear, Tesla gunners to take out the engines and fire a low power shot into the flying bridge to fry the electronics.  Use a grapple gun to rip the radio antenna out.

Once the vessel is disabled, assault platoon will fast rope in.  Sweep the deck, aft to fore before entering the vessel.  Bearer bonds will likely be in a safe belonging in the owner's cabin. Microcharge will deal with that.  Secure the bonds, sweep the galley and bar for good liquor, check the cabins and passengers for money or jewelry.  Any passengers or crew want to be a hero, put them on their ass.  Anybody waves a gun around, kill them.  You can expect that the yacht guard force and the passenger body guards will resist.

No more than a half hour on board.  I will accompany the assault platoon.  First Officer will be in command aboard the Renegade while I am on the yacht.

What are our questions?

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Renegade Airship
Renegade Airship
Oct 02, 2019

Lou | August 18, 2018 at 4:52 PM

Are we freeing the hostesses?

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