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The Renegade’s coffers are flush…but flusher is always better.

Captain XO has identified a not one, but TWO megayachts that are rendezvousing in the Med. The reason, according to our sources, is nefarious. Rich people who think morals and ethics don’t apply to them. Our sources have been a little over the top in their descriptions, but ‘human sacrifice at sea’ was mentioned.

Captain XO is a firm believer in efficiency. If we intercept these yachts we can:

1) Strike a mighty blow for righteousness.

2) Loot the hell out of a couple of well appointed megayachts.

Raid Plan:

Bold Air Hussars: you will serve as the assault force for Megayacht 1: The Pride of Innsmouth. The Renegade will insert you via fast rope onto the fantail of the yacht. Expect a 10-15 person guard force, as well as approximately 20 crew and 30 passengers. At least 5 passengers are held under duress. The only people Captain XO wants to see at the end of this raid are the passengers under duress. The rest…well…suffer not an asshole to live.

Glider Zouaves: you’ll assault the other Megayacht: Pnakotic Princess. (WHO NAMES THESE THINGS?) You’ll insert by your favorite method—assault glider. Time your release so you hit the deck as the Hussars hit Yacht One. This is a similar size to the other yacht, but with a larger passenger list—and more guards. 15-20 guards, 10 passengers under duress.

MORTARS: Clear the decks ahead of insertion via HE VT 120mm. Then use floating smoke to isolate the yachts from each other.

The Renegade will fly a racetrack pattern and provide support by Tesla cannon fire as necessary.

ALL: Kill the guards, rescue the passengers held under duress, kill any other passengers or crew who resist. Bring to Captain XO and the 2 the owners or any leadership figures for the yacht passengers. Then loot the hell out of the place.


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