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New Crew Orientation

(Captain XO gathers the newest crew members on the mess deck)

Please take your seats.  Allow me to congratulate you on joining the crew of the Renegade and the beginning of your career of air piracy.  Air piracy is a growth industry, with plenty of opportunities for growth and promotion.  HR should have already informed you about our health, dental, vision, and retirement plans, and I am pleased to say that your average crew member does live until retirement.

Some of you have been recruited for special skills, for which you will be paid a recruitment bonus.  Others...well, we'll rotate you through a few positions to see where you best fit.

Your first line supervisors will meet you here when I am done with you; they will provide you a copy of the Ship's Articles, which are a combination of a compact amongst the crew and a series of regulations under which we operate.  First and foremost is article 1: Crew is family.  Your Supervisor will be responsible for ensuring you are educated on and understand the Articles.  Once you feel that you understand the Articles and agree to abide by them, you'll sign them.  That's the contract between you and your crew-family.

Punishments for failure to abide by the Ship's Articles are outlined in the Articles.  Air keelhauling is particularly unpleasant.

Listen to your leadership, abide by the Ship's Articles, train hard, fight hard, and look good and have fun doing it.

My door is always open.  Supervisors, take charge of your new crew.

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