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Mission to Ruritania


Our short term contract with the Grand Duchy ends this week, but not to worry!  Captain XO has ensured that our coffers will remain full and bars fully stocked with a new mission.

Ruritania is a small Balkans country; it's maintained its independence for an astonishingly long time, despite being where Bismarck identified as ground zero for the next European war.  It's been remarkably stable...until recently.

Ruritania recently had a succession crisis; a dynastic rivalry led to the kidnapping of the Crown Prince and his imprisonment.  However, senior statesmen and military officials intervened, and in cunning scheme worth of Captain XO himself, they found a doppelganger to stand in for the Crown Prince until the actual Crown Prince could be rescued.

The doppelganger served his role admirably, and was personally involved in rescuing the future King.  The coronation took place, the rightful King on his throne.  Happy ending...with one tiny wrinkle.

What is our role?  The doppelganger is still in hiding.  He and his compatriots are worried that it could be severely destabilizing to the monarchy if any hint of his involvement got out.  We've been contracted to smuggle him out.  Our own dubious reputation camouflages his movement.  OF COURSE THE RENEGADE IS RAIDING SOMETHING.

The plan...well, we raid something.  He's currently being put up at a royal hunting lodge (by hunting lodge, I mean a small estate).  We assault and loot.  Ground force brings a spare uniform with them, he changes into it, and we leave with a +1.

None are the wiser.  Ruritania stays stable, we make some allies, and we get paid.

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Renegade Airship
Renegade Airship
02 de out. de 2019

Allan | November 26, 2018 at 10:22 AM

Is that the one with the jade and amber rooms?

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