• Renegade Airship

Mission for the Grand Duchy!

Captain's complements to the Crew.

You may have noticed that we upped ship and are currently running race tracks in the Baltic Sea.

There is a point to this activity.

We have again received a contract from the Grand Duchy of Warsaw to assist them in their on-going border skirmishes along the Kaliningrad Oblast/Grand Duchy border.  For those who slept through the last mission to Warsaw, Kaliningrad remains under the control of the Tsar-Premier of Muscovy.  Grand Duchy intelligence is concerned about an apparent build up of Muscovite forces in Kaliningrad.  We've been asked to 'substantially reduce their by-sea throughput.'

Our mission: interdict and destroy Muscovite shipping moving material into the Port of Kaliningrad.  If we spot any air transport squawking Muscovy, force it down.

Captain XO's Cunning Scheme.  First, we need to deploy our HUMINT teams to collect intelligence on Muscovy shipping arrival times, manifest, and routes.  Our cyber teams will also assist in this.  Parasite fighters will run recon in assigned zones.

HUMINT teams will also establish safehouses for staging of Bold Air Hussar and Glider Zouave strike teams who will attack shipping and transportation targets as identified by our HUMINTers.  Minimal--preferably zero--civilian casualties.

We will use intelligence gathered by our teams to intercept Muscovite shipping, focusing on ships transporting military equipment and personnel.  Those we sink.  Commercial shipping, we seize and sell.


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