• Renegade Airship

Hurricane Guidance

Captain to Crew:

Since PSG Kim of the Hussars has intimated he is going to steal my bloody dirigible to go joy riding unless I take him to see the hurricane, we're going on an air trip.

1) Everybody will be sober for this jaunt.  The bars are closed. 2) NO PUKING IN MY DIRIGIBLE. 3) This is dangerous.  As soon as the hurricane eyeballing is done, I want parasite fighters out and scouting for targets.  We risk the dirigible, we are sure as hell making some profit on this trip. 4) I'll authorize shore leave in the States.  Looking for recommendations where we can set down. 5) I want to mess with the Goodyear folks while we're there, so let's find a game they're at and blimp block them.

We'll up ship and head east at noon tomorrow.  Ground crew, you'll need to get up early and fuel the dirigible.  Ordnance, full weapons load out.

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