• Renegade Airship

Hunker Down at Wick

As we pull back into Wick for some refit and rearming, we are expecting to get socked in a for a few days due to an approaching ice storm.

So, bearing that in mind....

First priority is to rearm and resupply the Renegade.

Second priority is engine and other systems maintenance.  The Tesla gun coils need to be swapped out.  Check the fuel levels.  Use the fabricator to repair the hull/lifting body.

Third priority is prep the Renegade for weather.  Make sure the turrets are sealed, hatches dogged, and it is locked in place.

Fourth priority, make sure the base is storm prepped.  Make sure the back up generator has fuel stocks

Fifth priority: Make sure we have a plan to keep ourselves entertained at Wick.  As Captain XO is a planner, he is all over this.

For starters.  Ground crew, please double our usual home port booze delivery.  Have an extra two cords of wood delivered.  Get a cord of it staged at the Zeppel Inn, so that we keep the fire at the pub going continuously.  We'll have a game night on Saturday.  Captain XO wants to play Cthulhu Pandemic.  Maybe a little Settlers of Catan.  We'll set up the gaming consoles and do a tournament, too.

Sunday night we'll do a movie night.  Anyone for Brendon Fraser's The Mummy?

Captain XO is always ready to watch The Mummy.

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