• Renegade Airship

Halloween Trip

After our blowout at Whitby Abbey on Saturday, our agenda for the next 10 days is as follows:

1) Tour of the Paris Catacombs and then catch a show at the Grand Guignol.  The tour will be conducted by a gentleman named Erik, who will also provide an organ recital.

2) After the stop in Paris, we will take the two dirigible flotilla to Castle Frankenstein.  Castle Frankenstein was the birthplace of Johann Conrad Dippel, the likely inspiration behind 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley.  We'll spend a couple of days there exploring the area--all crew will get liberty.

3) From there, we travel on to Poenari Citadel in Romania for Halloween.  We'll have a our blow out annual Halloween party.  All survivors will then up ship on the first of November.

We'll head home over the Med.  Might be some nice yachts that need raiding.

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