Engineer Report on the Kommandant's Zeppelin

TO: Captain XO

FROM: Chief Engineer. Renegade

SUBJECT: Analysis of anomalies associated with the Kommandant's Zeppelin


I've been with you since the beginning, so I'm as familiar as you are with the Tesla's.  As you recall, the original generators that we 'acquired' when you 'borrowed' the Renegade were prototypes.  The scientists who had been working on them were into some bleeding edge shit and may were using a primitive hypergeometry generator to get enough juice to run the Tesla cannons.  We switched to negatron magnetic containment system with our first upgrade to the Tesla's, which generated more power, more reliably.

When we seized the KZ and made the decision to outfit her with Tesla's, we brought the prototypes out of storage to use.  Instead of installing them in parallel, we installed them in serial.

We think that may have allowed the hypergeometry to square itself.  We're not sure of the equations, since hypergeometry is either math based magic or magic based math, but we believe that running them in serial allowed them to feed off and to each other.

The result was the KZ went...elsewhere.  And then came back.

And it brought something with it.

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