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Border Mission in the Grand Duchy of Warsaw!

We have accepted a two week contract to patrol along the border between the Grand Duchy of Warsaw and Konigsberg/Kaliningrad.  The Muscovites, still pretending that they are a Serious European Power, keep moving troops in and out of the port, trying to apply pressure to the Grand Duchy of Warsaw.

Our role is to provide persistent surveillance and deterrence.  The Muscovites have initiated some minor border 'misunderstandings;' the Grand Duke intends that our presence will convince the Muscovites that they really don't want to raise the tensions anymore.

Some concerns: the Muscovites do have a pretty decent legacy air defense system in Kaliningrad, with an integrated radar network with significant coverage into the Grand Duchy.  We'll be in range of multiple S-300SP SAM sites throughout most of our time.

There are unconfirmed rumors that the Muscovites are working on a War Zeppelin, in direct response to our success as a commerce raider.

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