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After Action Review, Raid on [REDACTED] Yacht

The Captain/XO has directed that we conduct After Action Reviews (AARs) on all our major events, whether actual raids, training, etc.  He reminded me that since most of us are ex-military, it's a format and process that we are all comfortable with and recognize the need.

This is first one; AAR of our recent raid on the [REDACTED], luxury yacht docked in Huron, Ohio.

For starters, our intel was excellent.  There were no air defenses and the transponder codes we hacked continue to pay dividends.  We arrowed in on the correct yacht quickly, took up station keeping (nice job, Helmsman!) and got the Jacob's ladders deployed.

Ground assault force: nice job.  Stealthy, quick.  No casualties on either end--of course it helps that the crew was asleep.  Next time, though, steal art from someone with better taste.  The silver will be easy to move, though.  It's already on our way to our favorite dealer.  Platoon Sergeant--The XO doesn't mind of you keep a FEW bottles for yourselves, but don't hog all the good stuff.  We're a team.  You're just one component--everyone deserves a shot at the 18 year old Macallan.  If leadership catches wind of one of your assault platoon folks making noises about how 'pogs don't deserve the best' that troop will find themselves...well...they won't be part of the team anymore.

Again, Helmsman, nice job on station keeping.  Engineer, I don't know what magic you work to make the engines so quiet in this stealth raids, but well done.

Groundpounders, again nice job on the exfil.  You got the booty loaded into the nets efficiently and air crew got it aboard quiet as a could be.

One question, though...who cut the lines and set the yacht adrift?  It was all over the news.

Alright crew, you all know the drill: 3 sustains and 3 improves.  Go.

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