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After Action Review, raid on M/V Abiba

For starters, well done.  No casualties on our end, other than some bumps and scrapes--except for a Tesla Gunner burning his hand.

Approach went well.  We hit the target exactly at 2 am.  Ventral forward Tesla Gunner--great shot on the engines.  Forward grapple gun ripped out the comms antenna beautifully.

Helm, another great job on station keeping.  You maintained position nicely, and gave the gunners a stable platform, not to mention making it right easy for the assault platoon.

Which brings us to assault platoon...the Captain has authorized a double share for each and every one of you.  The work you did on the yacht guard force below decks was excellent; the one prisoner that you took and then tossed overboard warmed this old pirate's heart, especially when you threw the life ring to him.

Three cheers for the assault platoon!

Looting went well.  I know everyone is eager to hear about what the take was:

$55 Million US in bearer bonds. 1.1 pounds of gold jewelry 1 Picasso sketch 12 barely fired H&K G 36 assault rifles 6 cases of good champagne close to a pallet load of booze a crate full of vintage vinyl records

Ok, Captain will want the usual: three sustains and three improves.

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Renegade Airship
Renegade Airship
Oct 02, 2019

Sean Truax | August 21, 2018 at 7:12 PM

Sustain: Bacon, it keeps the Tesla crews motivated and the smell of it cooking is preferable to what some of them call cologne.

Sustain: Grapple the antenna, it was a good shot but cutting off their comms helped keep the isolated.

Sustain: Red shirt leads the assault, that made it so much easier to track where our FLOT was. Definitely preferable to having big feathers in a cap.

Improve: Gunners minding their sector. With no other real action after the first shots, gun crew members kept drifting off sector and watching the assault. I caught two talking to assault team members on radios about loot instead of watching their job (they’ve…

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