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Administrative Note from the Captain

So the Captain has some deviltry a-brewing...and he needs the input of the crew.

Captain just purchased a logo design project from Jenna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farms, to be delivered Novemberish (IT WAS A DEAL).  The Captain will look into print on demand coffee mugs--AND BEER STEINS.  Possible coins, but he's not sure.  The print on demand is low overhead and doesn't require stock.  Coins would require stock.

So where does the crew come in?  We need an Airship motto.  Something that could either go on the logo, on a coffee mug, and be awesome.

Finally, the Captain was musing about crew t-shirts; if there was sufficient interest, we'd print airship t-shirts with the logo on the front and the ship motto and names/noms de guerre of the crew on the reverse.  Perfect for wear at military forced fun functions.  There would need to be degree of confirmed interest before the Captain would move out on that, as he would need to front the cash.

Winning motto will get a free mug.  The Captain is the final judge.

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