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Administrative note from the Captain

I've had a couple of inquires already from folks looking to make sure that any additions or stories they want to add to the Pirate Dirigible are in harmony with canon.

Bit hard to have canon for something you make up as you go along (amiright, George Lucas?) but, loosely:

The Renegade, Pirate Airship is both now, near future, and in a 1930s dieselpunk world of my own imagination.  The only thing I've got set hard and fast is that international borders and the ability for nations to project power are a little looser--hence our ability to raid Russian Oligarch estates in Scotland and a certain yacht in Huron, OH.  Also, Russia has fragmented and the western portion is now called Muscovy.  Because fuck Russia.

The Renegade is really big, somehow doesn't get tracked back to its home airbase in Wick, Scotland, and has an on-board pub called the Plunder and Lightening.  A ground assault platoon is on board for raids and boarding action.  Swords, pistols, and Thompson guns are encouraged.

And Tesla cannon.  Lots of Tesla cannon. I'm not entirely sure what those are yet.  But they're super cool.

Influences on Pirate Dirigible include: the art of Jakub Rozalski, classic pulp stories, Call of Cthulhu, Crimson Skies, and the endless ream of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror I have consumed over the years. Eventually, I'll need an XO TO the XO, to help me out with this.  Hopefully.

The ship's email account is: I check it daily.

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