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Admin Note from the Captain

Crew! Bold Air Hussars! Glider Zouaves! Vespa Dragoons! Duke of XO's Own Sappers and Miners!

It's been a busy summer here at the XO Lair of Evil and I have not been as active on the Renegade account as I would prefer.  A month of TDY in April/May, followed by a two week course right now, PLUS all the activity with me taking command next's been hectic.

After my change of command next month, I am hoping to get things back on an even (air) keel, and get some airship things DONE!

There will still be a radio play podcast.  I am *almost* done with the first episode script.  Almost.

Once Nate finishes with the commissioned artwork, the Plunder and Lightning steins will go up for sale.

We've had a huge uptick in Airship accounts since I started this nonsense a year ago, and it is gratifying to me see the story I began as a lark grow and develop into what is now pretty much a 'Play by Tweet' RPG.

Keep your Tesla coils charged, lay in a good supply of .38 Super ammo, and keep your boarding sabres sharp!


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