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Admin note from the Captain

Folks, the Twitter feed hit 500 followers today.  I am amazed and humbled that many people want to hear the fictional adventures of a crotchety former executive officer and his imaginary pirate airship.  Next month we get our 'new' logo, and then I am going to look at coffee mugs.

I am still planning an 'Airship Adventures' podcast, which I intend to be a radio play, something along the lines of a weekly 15 minute episode, dramatizing our illustrious pirate activities.

If anyone out there has an unfulfilled yen to do some voice acting...opportunities await!

In the meanwhile, keep your Tesla cannon charged, your boarding cutlass sharp, and send your drink orders to the Plunder and Lightning.

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Renegade Airship
Renegade Airship
Oct 02, 2019

John | October 14, 2018 at 5:19 PM

Mortars aye aye, Skipper!!!!

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