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Admin Note from Captain XO!

Hello, Crew!

So I have a few things cooking on the Renegade front...

1) YES!  We have mugs, stickers, and t-shirts available via Zazzle.

I feel compelled to point out that I make next to nothing on the sales.  However, it makes me happy to knowing that y'all are invested enough in the adventures of the Renegade to want a Renegade coffee mug.

2) I am working on commissioning illustrations to go with Derrick Perkins's Colonel de Curieux stories.  They are really popular and deserve the illustrations.  I'm hoping that someday Derrick becomes a full time pulp writer, because his stories are cracking.

3) There will be a Plunder and Lightning T-Shirt.  Although the Capo dei Capi's daughter's fiancé has said he can and will design it, I might want to branch out a little on that with the design work.  I have the artistic skills of the world's premier stick figure artist, which is why I am soliciting help on these projects.  But again, I'll pay. I don't expect artists to work for 'exposure.'  That's bullshit.

4) The biggest project of all...

The Airship Renegade audio 'drama.'  I have begun scripting the audio adventures of the Airship.  I, of course, will play myself.  I've had some volunteers for players.  I think we can record it via Skype.

So, polish up your boarding axe, check the magazine in your Browning Hi-Power...and quit eating the interns.


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