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AAR for our trip south

In keeping with Captain XO's guidance, we're conducting an AAR on our recent trip south.

Really south.  Points included a Muscovite 'Research Station', a sight seeing stop at Giza, a minor run in with the world's sole remaining coal powered aircraft carrier, and a quick shopping trip to Monaco.

We identified the first target because Legal Mate Burks has been on a been on his shit about Antarctica, so we thought we would take him there for a visit.  Actually a raid.

The new technique of using a figure eight loop over the target seemed to work very well--this gives ample opportunity for the Tesla fuses to cool down between salvos.   Targeting was precise.  Communications tower and their generator facility were destroyed quickly, and the Bold Air Hussars again proved their worth and overpowered the station security force.  Too bad about those Muscovites....  Looting wasn't great---some high end vodka, caviar, but this was more for fun than anything else.

The stop in Giza was a tourist jaunt.  Captain XO wants to remind the crew that stealing priceless historical artifacts is a crime against all mankind and our collective heritage.  Plus, using explosives to gain entry to a tomb is a great way to invite a horrible curse, not just on yourself, but your crewmates.  The movie double feature seemed well received.  We'll need two kegs next time, though.

I think we all agree that the aircraft carrier flyby was great fun.  Hitting the carrier with Tesla salvos at the lowest setting fried electronics and probably destroyed their navigation and communications equipment.  Captain XO is very, very sad.  Next time, though, let's launch parasite fighters as a Combat Air Patrol before we start screwing with the carrier.  If they had gotten fighters up, that could have gone poorly for us.

Finally, the looting/shopping trip in Monaco.  Not a lot of fighting; mostly just looting and stealing.  Really good haul from that Mafia Don's private art collection.  We need to radio ahead to the art appraiser.

The usual--three sustains and three improves.

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Renegade Airship
Renegade Airship
Oct 02, 2019

cindy north | September 8, 2018 at 7:13 PM

Legal Mate Burks is always on his shit about Antarctica

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