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AAR for Muscovite Dirigible Action

OK, Crew, I know everybody was pretty hungover after the victory over the Muscovy Airship, but you know the Captain's guidance.  We conduct AARs.

This was a flash mission.  Command cadre was made aware of the target and approximate location and ordered up ship in a hurry.  Fortunately, ground support crew has done an excellent job in keeping the Renegade mission ready.

Mission planning was conducted en route; using our vastly superior speed, catch up and maneuver to their 6 o'clock.  Forward Tesla's disable their engines and then we systematically maneuver to bring accurate fire on their point defense systems.  After the weapon systems are down, move to a side by side position, fire the boarding harpoons and insert the assault platoon.

All that proceeded according to our normal mission profile.  Things went slightly south after the ground assault platoon secured its insertion position.  The Muscovites both tried to bottle us up at the point of penetration-our initial foothold on board their vessel-and defended in depth along the main access corridor. That, plus the sheer volume of fire they brought to bear, prevented the ground platoon from establishing fire superiority and the ability to maneuver within the Muscovite dirigible.  We got word from the assault platoon sergeant that two of his squads were red on Thompson ammo.

At that point, the Captain made the call to insert the reserve squad directly into another point in the Muscovite dirigibles hull.  Nicely done, reserve squad members, kitting up and getting to the boarding ropes.  The insertion went well and you were quickly able to orient onto the Muscovite defenders and approach them from the rear.  Those that were still alive five minutes later surrendered.  Despite the tough fight, we got off lightly.  Three WIA--2 GSWs and 1 from a flashbang.

Looting went well as usual; not incredible amount on this haul other than some really good vodka and a stack of well used AK-74s.

The usual: three sustains and three improves.

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